Batukamma Glory In Detroit By DTC

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Detroit Telangana Community (DTC) in association with NRI Telangana Jagruthi, American Telangana Association (ATA-Telangana) organized Bathukamma celebrations on Oct 5th at St.Toma Church in Farmington Hills(Detroit). These 14th annual celebrations showcased the Telangana culture in Michigan.

Raju Brahmandhabheri (President-Detroit Telangana Community) along with the energetic executive team consists of Partha Kandala(Secretary), Ravi Chiluka(Joint Secretary), Satish Pingili(Treasurer & Board member), Srinivasa Raju Dhenuvakonda(Board member & Cultural Secretary), Vijay Pallerla(Board member & President-Elect) and Hari Parankusham(Board member & Chairman) worked in sync for the success of these celebrations.

The banquet hall of St. Toma was immersed in colorful dresses of women and the beautifully decorated floral Bathukammas. The festivities were kicked for the day by the priest of SV Temple doing Gouri pooja. It was a great visual treat to see women folk, young and old clad in colorful traditional attires singing and dancing around the beautifully decorated Bathukammas. The Bathukamma songs reverberated for over three hours as record numbers played Bathukamma followed by kolatam.

Sridhar Aietha (Board member) monitored the nimmajjanam arrangements. Hari Parankusham(DTC Chairman) and Krishna Guduguntla( Board member) co-ordinated parking. Delicious authentic Telangana cuisine consisting of sakinalu, gudalu, jilebi and other dishes were served. Food Committee was co-ordinated by Raj Kaukuntla, Satish Pingili, Raj Madishetty(Board member), Hari Maroju (Board member), Partha Kandala, Ravi Chiulaka and Chandu Annavarapu. Hospitality Committee was overlooked by Nagendra Aytha, Venkat Manthena, Ramgopal Uppula, Bhujanga Rao Kotte, Shailendra Sanam, Hari Maroju and Murali Bommanaveni.

DTC’s President, Raju Brahmandhabheri has spoken on the occasion explaining the events DTC has been organizing from 13 years to promote, preserve and propagate Telangana culture & heritage in Metro Detroit. He also explained how DTC started involving in the community service by signing up for “adopt-a-highway program” in which DTC adopted a local highway and cleaned up the litter alongside the highway on September 21, 2019 to keep the cities cleaner and better. He also thanked the sponsors.

DTC EC felicitated the chief guest of the event, Padma Kuppa, member of the Michigan House of Representatives from the 41st district and the first Telugu speaking Indian American woman in Michigan state. Sreedhar Bandaru, President- NRI Telangana Jagruthi, Vinod Kukunoor, President of American Telangana Association (ATA-Telangana) and Venkat Manthena, General Secretary of American Telangana Association(ATA-Telangana) were felicitated as well. Songs and cultural programs followed later. These programs were coordinated by Vijay Pallerla and Srinivasa Raju Dhenuvakonda.