NJ Telugus Meet With Poorna Malavath

NJ Telugus Meet With Poorna Malavath

On the occasion of Vivekananda Birth Anniversary, American Telugu Association organized meet and greet program in New Jersey with Poorna Malavath who scaled the Everest in the year 2014 and 5 other mountains subsequently after 2014.

America Telugu Association had successfully conducted ‘Meet and Greet’ program with Poorna Malovath as chief guest.

With his welcome speech, Vilas Jambula had introduced Poorna Malovath while Ravinder Gudur, Praveen Alla, Vijaya Nadella had mentioned about the all victories of Poorna Malovath.

The program has been conducted under the guidance of Sharath Vemula ,NJ BOD’s (Srinivas Dargula, Vijay Kunduru, Srikanth Gudipati) and Ram Vemula. Sharath Vemula mentioned that it is a proud moment that Poorna Malovath hails from Nizamabad district. He further mentioned scaling the ‘Mount Vinson of Antarctica’ is a great matter of praise. He conveyed ATA can help in scaling the North American Denali mountain.

ATA women chair Indira Deekshit and other members, Shilpi Kundur, Niharika, Archana Vemula, Nandini Dargula, Madhavi, Vijaya had felicitated the chief guest with a shawl and a bouquet.

Around 100 children participated in this program and they all raised inquisitive questions to Poorna Malavath about her expedition and she replied all of them with inspiring answers. Hema Kantamaneni represented several children from Delaware, Pennsylvania and Connecticut from PURE organization.