Financial Seminar By TANA South California Team


TANA SoCal team successfully conducted the Financial Seminar on Sunday 02/23/2020 in Anaheim, CA as part of TANA cares with a great support from Peaceful Advisors, a financial solutions company. Srikanth Moparthy, SoCal core team briefly explained the TANA efforts and activities in SoCal Region. He also explained the importance of the financial seminar for all the community and Introduced Prabhu Mogulla founder and Chairman of Peaceful Advisors LLC. Prabhu Mogulla explained the 401k investments, 529 plans and Investment ideas on stocks and Funds…etc. He also shared his views on consulting opportunities with respect to the financial benefits. He explained the strategies to maximize the returns on consulting earnings. He also explained 529 plans and other useful investment venues for the community. The whole seminar was well received by the people and provided great insights into the different investment ideas. This program was attended by more than 60 people in orange county area. On the be-half of SoCal TANA team, Suresh Kandepu(RVP) & Srikanth Moparthy Thanked all the attendees for their great support & very special Thanks’ to Prabhu Mogulla for doing the seminar.