Indian Embassy In USA Arranges COVID19 Seminar

Indian Embassy In USA Arranges COVID19 Seminar

COVID-19 – Teleconference with Expert Doctors & Embassy of India. Today at 8pm EST

Let’s join in the critical conference call with the panel of renowned physicians who’s expertise is in Infectious disease, Psychiatry & ER.This call will disseminate crucial information in ways and means we can deal with this growing pandemic.

The goal of this call is, to Educate on how to stay safe & keep others safe / Educate on steps that need to be taken if anyone have any symptoms or if they are in serious condition / Awareness about the situation of hospitals by Physicians on the Frontline.

Please Text Health related Questions to 210-618-7108Text Indian Embassy related Questions to 847-553-8594

Dial in Numbers: +1312-626-6799,728886696  |  301-715-8592,728886696  | 408-638-0968,728886696  |  669-900-6833,728886696 | 346-248-7799,728886696  |  646-876-9923,728886696

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