సంజీవిని ఆసుపత్రికి సిలికానాంధ్ర విరాళాల సేకరణ

SiliconAndhra Hanuman Chalisa Chant For Sanjeevani Funds

సంజీవిని ఆసుపత్రికి సిలికానాంధ్ర విరాళాల సేకరణ

On behalf of SiliconAndhra family, cordially invite you with your family to Shri Hanuman Chalisa LakshaGala Parayan on Saturday August 15, 2020. (Please see the flyer below) The goal is to have 100,000 people take part in this global Hanuman Chalisa chanting. Let’s all come together to…

Chant for Global Good!
for a quick discovery of vaccine (Sanjivani) to Covid-19
Care for Rural People Healthcare!
Net proceeds support the rural healthcare for 600,000 people through Sanjivani Hospital in Kuchipudi village, India
Create a New Guinness World Record!

Cordially invite you with your family to and be part of this Global Maha Sankalpam. Here is the Hanuman Chalisa Audio for practice.

The Dakshina is $11/person.The net proceeds would be used to procure the medical equipment for Sanjivani Hospital in Kuchipudi village.

For more details, please visit the WEBSITE – Sincerely request you to share this with your family and friends. Thank you very much.