London NRTs Eco Friendly Seed Ganesha

London NRTs Eco Friendly Seed Ganesha - London Telugu NRI NRT News

Hyderabad Friends Youth( HYF) celebrated its 8th consecutive Ganapathi Navrathri Festival event in low key due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions across UK.

NIR TRS UK & HYFY President Ashok Goud Dusari said, This year event is organised at Reading city near London. With the inspiration and initiative from MP Santhosh Kumar we have installed “Seed Ganapathi” this year to support, promote and encourage eco-friendly Ganesh idols to save the environment.

Also Ashok said, Due to Covid-19 restrictions in place, we followed all the Government Guidelines throughout the 9 days celebrations, worshipped Lord Ganesha with every pooja including Ganapathi homam and prayed to save world form the dangerous Covid-19 pandemic.

Another organiser Malla reddy said, every year we celebrate ganesh festival in grand scale but due to Covid-19 we restricted the celebrations but didn’t compromise on the rituals, prayers and other pooja activities in these 9 days. He thanked HYFY members for the support to continue the tradition to organise celebrations this year too and specially thanked NRI TRS Founder President and TAUK Founder Anil Kurmachalam for being strength since 8 years and mentoring us to make our every activity successful.

Organising member Sathya Chilumula said, Throughout these 9 days we offered prayers to Lord Ganesha to save our world from this worst pandemic, also organised Special Ganapthi Homam.

He thanked HYFY members, well-wishers and specially Malla Reddy – Shushmna Reddy couple for their support in making this celebrations successful and safe.

NRI TRS Founder President and TAUK Founder Anil Kurmachalam & Prabhalatha couple who offered special prayers, also participated in the Homam said, As a responsible and concerned people Ashok – Jahnavi, Malla Reddy – Shushmna Reddy couples, Sathya Chilumala & Sateesh Reddy Gottemukkala committedly involved with self – isolation during these 10 days and made this event, specially praying for the safety of everyone are much appreciated, he lauded their humanity and responsibility toward everyone in the community. Also said, safer, and environment-friendly celebrations are the need of the hour.

Holy Laddu was presented to Ashok Dusari & Malla Reddy couple by the HYFY members.

Finally by chanting “Ganapathi Bappa moria”, singing and dancing bid farewell to “Seed Ganesha” in the Garden.

On different occasions special prayers were offered by NRI TRS Founder President and TAUK Founder Anil Kurmachalam & Prabhalatha, TAUK President Pavithra – Satyam Kandi, Rathnakar, Naveen Reddy, Swapna, Venkat Reddy, Aparna, Swathi, Suresh Budagam, Ravi retinene, Kranthi, Hari Nawa pet, Sneha, Shashi Dodle, Mounika, Subhash Megavath, Priyanka, Naresh Jakkula, Narendhar Jakkula, Bhushan Buppula, Nagaraj Garipally, Veer Naidu, Srikanth Jella, Shailaja, Raj bazaar were among those attended the celebrations and HYFY thanked them for their support, co-operation and encouragement.