Katherine Hadda Shares Her Opinion On US Elections 2020

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This U.S. election is the most important in a lifetime, and I will be strongly supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the right choice for America.

In my former career as a U.S. diplomat, I proudly served both Republican and Democratic Administrations. But never have I seen a White House tear our society apart, undermine our values here and abroad, and erode our democracy as President Trump’s White House has done.

During my three years in Hyderabad, I saw firsthand how Telugu immigrants from small business owners to the CEO of Microsoft have played an important role in growing the U.S. economy, an experience shared by my own family’s history as immigrants. Sadly, Donald Trump and his officials have over the past four years closed America’s doors to immigrants, including H1 temporary workers, and they have vastly reduced the number of refugees admitted here, so that we are no longer a beacon of hope for the world’s most oppressed. Donald Trump’s racist language has fed an alarming rise in intolerance and hate crimes, including the tragic murder of Srinivas Kuchibhotla. Again and again he has failed to condemn white supremacists and conspiracy groups.

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump has been only too quick to spread thousands of falsehoods and to attack the institutions fundamental to our free society, including the media and his own government’s intelligence, law enforcement, health, foreign affairs, and other experts. His calls for the Attorney General and Secretary of State to prosecute his political opponents is a frightening threat to the independence of our judiciary. We are now paying the price for Donald Trump’s undermining of government expertise, lack of organization, disdain for science, and his politicization and rejection of preventive measures such as the simple wearing of masks. Over 210,000 Americans have already died COVID-19, a number that may sadly double by the end of the year under his failed leadership.

Despite all these concerns, my support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is not a vote against the current President. It is a vote for principled leadership and the stable and prosperous future that our country needs.

To see why, look at the Biden Harris jobs plan, which is focused on boosting financing possibilities for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and creating opportunities in technologies of the future, such as clean energy. Instead of closing our doors, the Biden Administration will reunite families and reinstate H1 visas, boosting economic growth by bringing the best talent and future innovators to America. The Biden Harris Administration will expand access to low cost, high quality education. It will also invest in improving our country’s crumbling infrastructure, something we desperately need to remain economically competitive. Just as importantly, President Biden and Vice President Harris will actively work to mend the torn fabric of our society, welcoming and representing the diversity that has become a hallmark of America and a source of its vitality and growth.

In addition to healing our country, the Biden Harris administration will reclaim our leadership role abroad, repairing the relations with our close allies that the current President has damaged, and renewing our leadership in the international organizations that the United States helped create and which have stabilized our world for decades. They will continue to expand the growing U.S.-India relationship, broadening it to include climate change and other vital issues abandoned for the last four years. And by strengthening bonds with other allies and reinvigorating international institutions, the United States, India, and all democracies will be better able to counter Chinese aggression, and to support India’s increasingly important role on the world stage.

By voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we really will be able to Build Back Better.

Ms. Hadda is a former senior U.S. Diplomat who served as U.S. Consul General in Hyderabad from 2016-19. The opinions expressed are her own.