S386 బిల్లుకు మంగళం పాడిన అమెరికా

SR386 Killed - Immigration Bill Expires Automatically Now

S386 Misses Omnibus, Million Hopes Crushed (Country of Birth Discrimination Continues).

S386 will expire automatically. HR 1044 is not in Omnibus bill. Equality lost again and discrimination won. Might be reintroduced again next year. – AM22Tech Team mentioned in a blog post –

S386 fairness for high skilled immigrants act is same as HR 1044

Update Dec 22, 2020: S386 and HR1044 are over. They will need to be re-introduced now and will have to restart climbing the steps of House and Senate from the bottom.

A million hopes have died. ‘They’ played their favorite game again: politics.

Do not worry. This happens every two years and has been happening for the last 12 years. The same bill is introduced and then expires.

The main question to ask yourself: Which party considers you their future vote bank? None!

Over half a million people stuck in decades-long backlogs will now be left to beg congressman again for removing discrimination. This Bipartisan bill was reached after lengthy advocacy of more than 12 years and several amendments to take care of other countries and sections of society.

House Representative Zoe Lofgren did issue a statement citing the so-called poison pills added by Senate as the reason for the bill’s demise.

We do not know if there is any other way possible to pass the HR 1044 or S386 bill now before the new Congress takes over.

It is beyond our understanding that a bipartisan bill can be blocked just because of a clause that never was part of the original bill and only for the word “Chinese”.

Democrats again stopped it with a petty issue of the word ‘Chinese communist’.
History shows that Democrat’s hearts melt only for undocumented dreamers. This chapter will be marked in history to show how LEGAL skilled migrants are treated in the USA.
Where there is a will, there is a way! But, looking at the deadlock, it seems that ‘there is no will‘ to help thousands of tax-paying, law-abiding families currently living in the USA.
Indians will die and their DALCA kids will age out while watching undocumented kids get US citizenship through DACA. What a great system it is which promotes coming to the US by jumping the border and punishes you if you follow the law.

If this cannot pass, then we have no idea what will. Hats off to people who have been patiently advocating for it for years. You may have to restart again to knock on those deaf ears.

This proves that people who took the decision to move to Canada, Australia, or the UK have taken the right decision. Canada and Australia already have a merit-based system in place and the UK is starting their own in Jan 2021.

The USA does not seem to care about legal skilled workers’ future. Our suggestions:

If your non-US citizen kid is 15 years today, it is better to start planning to move to one of the above-mentioned countries.
If you are below 39 years of age, file Canada, Australia, or UK Permanent residency immediately as you will find it difficult to get an invite if you don’t.
If you are above 40 years today and do not have any other backup, you have probably missed the bus and have no other option than to keep waiting in the USA green card queue.
If your child is 17+ years today, send them to Canada for studies and not the US. They can get Canadian residency easily than lingering in the USA F1 and then H1B line like you.

All the efforts have gone down the drain just because of this one line that excludes Chinese communists who are anyway excluded through the immigration law.

HR 1044/S386 had passed Senate on Dec 2, 2020, without any objections after Mike Lee attempted a unanimous consent voting.