TCAGT Elects New Committees

Canada Telugu NRI NRT News - TCAGT Elects New Committees

Toronto Telugu Association elects new committees, please see the list below.

The Election Officer Vajha Purnachandra Rao has declared the following executive committee and Trustees were elected unanimously.

Executive Committee (2021):

President : Devi Choudary
Secretary : Sivaprasad Yellala
Treasurer : Phaneendra Meka
Directors : Manoj Kattekola
Swati Kannakagiri
Maithri Kalluri
Shalini Perugu
Youth Direectors:
Harsha Payidiparthy
Sai Vara Prabhakar Devineni

Board of Trustees (2021-2022):

Chairman: Polavarapu Koteswara Rao
Trustees: Jagan Payidiparty
Venkata Swamy Chatala

Executive committee meeting was held and discussed on the current pandemic crisis and continuous lock downs in various major cities. Members of the executive expressed that normalcy of life may not come into the light until the next September 2021.There is no scope for in-person events in near future. Therefore, new members of the Executive committee and Trustees need to focus on more virtual events to empower and enlighten the community.In addition to that current executive committee unanimously agreed to postpone this years AGM until further notice.

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