TAUK Celebrates Bonalu 2021 In London

TAUK Celebrates Bonalu 2021 In London

Telangana Association of United Kingdom(TAUK) celebrated Bonalu festival in low-key affair following the local British Covid-19 guidelines.

TAUK President Rathnakar Kadudula Said, every year we celebrate London Bonalu festival in a grand manner but due to ongoing Covid-19 situations we kept away ourselves from all kinds of celebrations and involved to help and support the community in all the possible ways.

TAUK Vice-President Shushmuna Reddy said, TAUK committee family members offered Bonam at one of the local Temple following the British Covid-19 guidelines maintaining the social distancing, and we prayed to the goddess to save and safeguard everyone across the world from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Also, she said, In spite of Government efforts and actions towards Covid-19, its individual self-discipline and self-responsibility to follow the Covid-19 guidelines to protect ourselves, so appealed everyone to keep safe and be responsible.

She thanked all those women (aadabiddalu) who attended to offer Bonam at Temple.

Guests & elders who came to the UK to see their family members appreciated the team efforts for not breaking the tradition and custom to celebrate Bonalu and used this opportunity to pray to the goddess to save everyone from this pandemic.

As we are aware, Bonalu Festival is a combination of offering Bonam to goddess, Thottelu procession and Durga pooja..Due to ongoing Covid-19 situation we could not able to organize pooja with mass gathering involving all the TAUK family members at one place but to continue the a tradition this year TAUK senior members Suresh Budagam – Swathi couple has taken the initiative to perform pooja at their home following the Covid-19 guidelines.

The couple said, we felt very fortunate to perform pooja at our home and on behalf of TAUK we prayed to the goddess to save everyone from this pandemic bring back the normalcy as early as possible.

TAUK appreciated the initiative of Suresh Budagam – Swathi for pooja at their home.

TAUK Senior Leader Naveen Reddy thanked MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha for her continuous support and encouragement for all TAUK activities since its inception.

Finally, TAUK members appealed to everyone across the globe to follow the government guidelines to stay safe and prayed goddess to save everyone from this pandemic.

TAUK President Rathnakar Kadudula, Vice-President Shushmuna Reddy, Naveen Reddy, Venkat Reddy, Rakesh Patel, Satyapal, HariGoud, Ganesh, Ravi Retineni, Suresh, Ravi Pulusu, Madhav Reddy, Vamsi Vandan, Bhushan, Avinash, Vamsi Krishna, Prithvi, Swati, , Sri Lakshmi, Vijitha, Kranthi, Bharat, Vamsi Ponnam, Chintu, Ramya, Swapna, Lasya, Pujitha, Bindu, Madhavi were among those attended the event.