Devabathini Murahari Wins MIADC Unanimously

Devabathini Murahari Wins Michigan Indo American Democratic Caucus

Michigan Indo American Democratic Caucus held their term elections here in Troy yesterday at the Troy Community Center for the upcoming term. The election process was presided over by Dr. Anil Kumar (Board of Governors – Wayne State University), Mrs. Padma Kuppa (State Representative), MDP – Haley Alderman, Director of Party Affairs and the locals of Detroit Area.

Mr. Murahari Devabathini presented to the board his nomination, along with the list of members in his slate, and won the elections, unopposed.

Following this, the elected board addressed the gathering on MIADC goals, and stated that there would be consecutive meetings held in the weeks to come to discuss the agenda for the upcoming initiatives to serve the Indo-American community. State Rep Padma Kuppa addressed the gathering and conveyed her wishes to the winning team and promised her support in the party’s goals.

MIADC past chair Ashok Baddi while congratulating the new board, expressed confidence that the new board will take the organization to new heights and engage and involve the Indian community in the political spectrum.

MIADC was established in 2002, and strives towards developing political awareness in the Michigan Indo American Community, and promotes their interests in the local, state and federal levels, and works extensively in encouraging the indo American youth in Michigan to develop an interest in mainstream politics.