TPAD Completes 9th Blood Donation Drive

TPAD Completes 9th Blood Donation Drive

TPAD, Telangana People’s Association of Dallas kick started their events calendar with highly regarded community service activity, by conducting blood drive. This is TPAD’s 9th Blood drive in 8 years.

Earlier in the Year, TPAD has announced that they will conduct more community service activities and promptly delivered on the promise. They announced that they will conduct two blood drives to help during this period of serious shortage of blood in blood banks.

In their first Blood drive for the Year, there were 53 registrations to donate blood.

According to Carter blood care, one of the largest blood centers in Texas who conducted the blood draw, confirmed that they have collected 50 Pints of blood, exceeding the goal for the day. With each Pint saving 3 lives, the blood drive by TPAD helped save 150 lives.

The 50 units of blood collected, would fulfill blood demand for high blood demanding medical procedures like 10 heart surgeries or 17 blood transfusions.

In the blood drive that took all day with 53 registrations, donors queued up for donating blood. It was a pleasant surprise that locals walking by the Carter Blood draw Van, enquired about the campaign and volunteered to donate blood.

TPAD has provided breakfast and lunch to all the blood donors and TPAD volunteers, who encouraged and brought donors from the local communities in Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Prosper, Plano, Irving and Coppell.

Like every year, in the past 8 years, A local IT Company, IT Spin has provided much needed parking and other mandatory facilities, without which they cannot conduct blood drive.

The blood drive was coordinated by Swapna Tummapala with support from Renuka Chanamolu, guided by Ajay Reddy, Ramana Lashkar, Indrani Pancherupula, and Pandu Palway and supported by entire TPAD team and young volunteers from the community.

With blood drive, TPAD has not only helped save lives, but also provided opportunity to students and youth from Frisco, Plano, Allen and Coppell to volunteer in the community service activity and gave them a taste of happiness of working for a noble cause.

Blood donors expressed deep regards to TPAD for organizing the drive, showing exceptional service and leaving a successful blood donation experience for them.

The donors were well received and taken care by Carter’s technicians and TPADs volunteers.

TPAD leadership and volunteers said it was their duty on behalf of Telugu community to conduct service activities and serve the needs of local community.

TPAD expressed gratitude for the blood donors for taking their time and donating blood.