Thousands of devotees attend Day4 Mahakumbhabhishekam at HTSL

Thousands of devotees attend Day4 Mahakumbhabhishekam at HTSL

Hindu Temple of St.Louis (HTSL) Day 4 of Maha Kumbhabhishekam started with Suprabhatam, Vishwaksena puja, Ganapathi Puja and Punyahavachanam.Agni Pranayanam, Kumbha Aradhanam followed by Sarvadevata Homam.

Later, Jaladhivasam to the Vimana and Raja Gopura Kalasas was performed by priests and devotees. Before the installation of the new gold plated Kalasas, the priests conducted puja atop the Rajagopuram.

Devotees had an opportunity to see the ashtabandhana material (Made from a combination of eight different materials to be used as a seal for Gopura Kalasas and Vigrahas).

The ashtabandhana material and Kalasas were ready for the shilpis to install and apply atop the Gopurams. Rudra Homam was performed in Yagasala with Rudra namaka and Chamaka Mantras.

Special concerts were held in the morning with Young Adarsh Mattu offering Sangeetha seva on Saxophone accompanied by Subbaram Kameswaran and Ramesh Cheruppalla. A first of its kind concert followed, with classical music gurus of St. Louis coming together for choir style concert.

The afternoon yagashala cultural programs included devotional singing & chanting of stotras and mantras by Kids from various groups. A spirited chanting of Devi Mahatmyam followed led by Dhanya Ayer along with Lalitha Sahasranama Chanting.

In the evening session, Mahasanthi Homam was performed. The Kalasas with the deities along with Abhisheka kalasas were taken in a procession around the temple. Later the priests transferred the Kalas in the Kalasas to the Vigrahas. Priests conducted Mahasanthi Tirumanjanam (abhishekam) with devotees offering the abhisheka kalasas with spiritually charged water. Devotees had Darshan of deities after a long gap of over 50 days. Bimba Vastu and Bimba Rakshabandhanam followed after the abhishekam. At the Hindu Temple Cultural center, all the reputed dance schools offered Nritya Seva. Sayanadhivasam was conducted with Utsava murtis in Yagasala.

Day 4 of MahaKumbhabhishekam concluded with Grand Fireworks. Prasadam was served to thousands of devotees on all four days.