క్లీవ్ ల్యాండ్ లో తానా క్రికెట్ కప్ పోటీలకు సన్నాహాలు.

The city of Cleveland is getting ready to host our TANA T7 Cricket Cup!!! Get your teams ready to be part of this tournament!

Dates: October 01, 2022

Location: 21410 Lunn Rd, Strongsville, OH

Please contact the following to register your team-
Ravi Chandra Vadlamudi – 314-556-2614
Temburu Kishore – 270-799-0209

YES!!!! There will be CASH prizes and trophies for the winning team and runners up team. We encourage all the cricket lovers to act fast and register your teams by reaching out to the contacts on the flyer.

I would like to thank our TANA Ohio Valley regional coordinator Ravi Chandra Vadlamudi for taking the lead and implementing the event. We would like to thank our TANA Foundation Trustee Ravi Samineni, TANA Membership Benefits Coordinator Srini Yalavarthi, Venu Chava and local TANA leaders for supporting this event.

For more information regarding the flyer please reach out to our TANA regional coordinator and ICC members as listed on the flyer.

TANA – Telugu Association of North America
Shashank Yarlagadda TANA Sports Coordinator
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