TAL Childrens Day 2022 Celebrations

TAL Childrens Day 2022 Celebrations

The 14th TAL Children’s Day was celebrated on Saturday 26 November 2022 under the aegis of Telugu Association of London (TAL). More than 300 people participated in this event, along with students of TALl Cultural Centre, around 100 children from London and surrounding areas showcased their talent in various arts.

The entire program was a feast for the eyes with traditional, devotional, film music dance songs, painting, fancy dress and various musical instruments. Children and their parents enthusiastically participated in this program which was held for more than five hours.

UK MP Seema Malhotra participated as the chief guest in this program and lauded the Children’s Day celebrations organized by TAL every year and expressed the hope that such programs are fun and exciting for them and will make the future generations good citizens and congratulated all the participants in this program. In the same program, MP Seema Malhotra danced along with several ladies in continuation of Bullet Bandi song performed by a girl, which impressed the audience.

Addressing the parents, TAL Chairman Bharti Kandukuri, asked the Telugu people to join their children in the cultural centres of the TAL and contribute to imparting the Telugu language and culture to the future generations. TAL Chairman thanked the parents, TAL members and workers for their contribution in every program undertaken by TAL.

Trustee Giridhar Putlur told the details of training classes conducted by Tal Cultural Center (TCC). A special attraction was the recitation of Telugu poems by a foreign woman, Julie Luanco, who joined TCC and was learning Telugu.
Cultural Trustee Navin Gadamsethi thanked Sreedevi Alleddula, Anil Reddy, Divya Reddy, Suneetha Arige, Sujatha Gadamsethi, Bharati Sudanagunta, Harini Geddam, Ashok Madishetti, Jyothi Kasturi, Swathi Madishetti, Roy Boppana and Rishi for their help in making TAL Children’s Day a huge success. Vice Chairman Rajesh Toleti, other trustees Anil Ananthula, Kishore Kasturi, Ravinder Reddy Gummakonda and Anita Nomula also participated in this.

Everyone congratulated RJ Srivalli, who acted as a punctual commentator & anchor for the program which ended successfully.