TRIVALLEY SAN RAMON NRI TDP Celebrates Chandrababu Birthday

TRIVALLEY SAN RAMON NRI TDP Celebrates Chandrababu Birthday

The TRIVALLEY NRI TDP (Telugu Desam Party) and NRIs of San Ramon, California, USA celebrated the 74th birthday of their National TDP President, N. Chandrababu Naidu, at the San Ramon Sports Park in the Bay Area.

The event drew over 100 NRIs from diverse backgrounds, with TRIVALLEY NRI TDP representatives hosting the celebration.

Supporters of Naidu displayed banners and wore TDP sashes bearing the message “NRI TDP & Happy Birthday CBN,” while IT Professionals praised Naidu’s contributions, stating, “we NRIs are here because of you.”

Female attendees urged voters back home to support CBN, TDP and Jenasena in the upcoming AP elections, highlighting Naidu’s extensive experience as Chief Minister of combined Andhra Pradesh and subsequently Andhra Pradesh after division, and his current leadership of TDP’s campaign for the next month’s elections.

The celebration included the cutting of a birthday cake by Naidu alongside children and NRI TDP party leaders.

TRIVALLEY NRI TDP leaders, IT professionals, and senior citizens extended their greetings to Chandrababu Naidu, wishing him a long and healthy life.

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