Vasavi Atmarpana Celebrated Globally by NRIVA Chapters

Vasavi Atmarpana Celebrated Globally by NRIVA Chapters

Vasavi Atmarpana Celebrated Globally by NRIVA Chapters, Promoting Peace and Harmony.

NRIVA chapters across the globe observed Vasavi Atmarpana with heartfelt devotion and community spirit, marking the legacy of Vasavi Matha and her message of peace. Thousands of families participated in poojas, uregimpu ceremonies, and homams for Vasavi Matha and honoring the 102 Gothram couples who joined her in the self immolation to avoid bloodshed and opt for non-violence.

“This year’s Vasavi Atmarpana has been truly inspiring,” said Srinivasa Pandiri , President of NRIVA, throughout this month, lot of chapters also performing service as a token of recognising the sacrifice. The events not only reaffirmed our faith but also served as a powerful reminder of the importance of peace and harmony, values deeply rooted in Vasavi Matha’s teachings.”

The observance featured Ureginpu, Homam, reading Vasavi matha story, thulabharam etc. and educating participants about Vasavi Matha’s history and the significance of the 102 Gothram couples’ sacrifice.

“It’s uplifting to see the Vasavi community united in promoting peace and understanding. Vasavi Matha’s message resonates deeply, and these celebrations serve as a beacon of hope for a more peaceful world.

NRIVA chapters remain committed to preserving and sharing the values of Vasavi Matha. The success of Vasavi Atmarpana 2024 reflects the enduring spirit of faith, community, and the quest for a peaceful future.

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