TANA-Curie Competitions Kick Off With A Huge Turn Around

tana curie competitions begin with huge success

CURIE TANA competitions 2019 kicked off with first competition in Virginia and successfully completed with a huge blast once again. The following team contributed to its success said the TANA-Curie competition’s National Chair & Advisor Gowri Vemuri in a statement.

Sridevi Rangavajjula
Bapanna Chowdhary
Prasad Tirumala
Kiran Pothapragada
Neelima Vemana
Mallikargun Burugu
Madhuri Yerramilli
Lavanya Yenduru
Venkat Gullanki
Swetha Doma
Madhuri Padakanti
Usha kota
Chandra Malavathu
Anwitha Kollipara
Kristen Herdman ( Curie Staff)
Kyrillos Masry ( Curie Staff)

Total of 625 students participated and each one received a pencil and a sharpener as an encouragement for all the competitions they have enrolled.

Below 4 competitions are conducted today

CURIE-TANA Science Bowl
CURIE-TANA Spell Master Challenge

In 3 groups from grades 2-7

CURIE Code Challenge for grades 6-9 as one category.

Results are announced in a weeks time.

Stay tuned for the results…

Regional awards are scheduled on May 11 th

Top 3 winners from each category will have an opportunity to compete in semifinals on July,4th morning @ 9 AM

Finalysts will compete at DC TANA convention on July 5th.

National Awards: July 6th in DC TANA convention .