భక్తా భల్లా తదితరుల అప్పీళ్లను తిరస్కరించిన బోర్డు

TANA BOD Rejects Bhakta Bhalla And Others Appeals

తానా ఎన్నికల్లో తిరస్కరణకు గురైన నామినేషన్లపై ఆదివారం నాడు బోర్డులో చర్చించారు. తిరస్కరణకు గురైన భక్తా భల్లా, హేమా కానూరు, అమిర్నేని కిరణ్‌ల నామినేషన్లపై చర్చించిన బోర్డు కిరణ్ అప్పీళ్లను మినహాయించి మిగతా నామినేషన్లను తిరస్కరించాలని తుది నిర్ణయానికి వచ్చిందని సమాచారం. బోర్డు సభ్యుల్లో కొంత మంది ఎన్నికల్లో సభ్యులను నామినేట్ చేసిన కారణంగా వారికి ఈ అంశంలో ఓటింగ్ హక్కును తొలగించారు.
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Bhakta Bhalla’s Appeal To TANA BOD:
Directors of the BOD:
Strange and consternation, who on earth can reject my nomination. This is a clear case of violating my fundamental rights to contest in an election. I question the sincerity of the N/E Committee to reject my candidature. I request for the intervention by BOD to uphold my right as per Article XIV, Section 5 of the TTANA by-laws.
By laws were ambiguous and are not reflecting the TANA spirit of equal opportunity. I made several appeals to N/E Committee but they all went in vain. The whole election notification and nomination process went on with many mistakes, however I understand these small errors. I sincerely feel, the N/E committee should act as an intermediary and encourage the contestants, but they indeed are acting as rejecting agents. I being an honorable TANA foundation member, I feel being belittled by the rejection.
I have submitted my nomination for the position of TANA Secretary for the 2021-23 term on 13th February 2021. As I was holding the position of TANA Foundation Trustee for the term of 2019-2023, I got the confirmation that my resignation has been received for the same on 14th February, from your offices. Here are the points I would like to submit in support of my application for the TANA Secretary position
There is no transparency in the process and dates have been moved without informing the contestants and there are several issues with adherence to the election procedures that I intend to outline in a separate email. Hereby I submit the following for your kind perusal.
Contention of Page # 34 bylaw #J of “TANA Bylaws: “No sitting member of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee or the Foundation may be nominated for other TANA office unless a) the member’s term as a Trustee, Director or member of the Executive Committee or Foundation is set to expire on the next Installation Date, or b) such Trustee, Director or member of the Executive Committee or Foundation resigns prior to accepting nomination for such other office”
It is such a vaguely written by-law, my apologies but I must say this ambiguous clause is failing to convey the spirit of TANA constitution. Here are the facts of my case.
1.) I have clearly adhered to the common understanding of the above mentioned by-law, by resigning to my current position prior to the next installation date which is ‘ July 10th, 2021’.
2.) Please read carefully the point b) clause of the above mentioned by-law, which states that “ b) such Trustee, Director or member of the Executive Committee or Foundation resigns prior to accepting nomination for such other office” . Honoring this clause I submitted my resignation by 14th February, and it has been accepted on 21st February 2021, and my nomination for the position of Secretary is not accepted as yet (as of 2/25) Please check the spirit of the by-law and not by mis-interpreting the by-law
3.) It clearly establishes the fact that, my candidature is compliant with all the clauses of the by-laws and hence I request you to allow my candidature thus honoring my rights as the honorable member of TANA.
4.) Please understand that the spirit of the above mentioned clause, is to avoid a member to hold more than one position. I have greatly adhered to that point with my actions and clean conscious.
I also would like to bring the following points to the TANA Election committee.
1. It is evident that the deadlines have been set to expire during the general holidays in the United States of America (The February 13th being Saturday with 14th Sunday and 15th President’s day). We need to make sure that these days clearly fall on working days to account for the mailing days.
2. If by any reason my candidature is annulled, I would approach the court of law to preserve my rights as an honorable member of TANA.
3. Please consider this as a plea and the merits of my case. That way we can avoid getting into the media about TANA for wrong reasons. This is a clear opportunity to withhold the dignity of the TANA organization for which we all are the torch bearers.
I also request the BOD to have only those directors who are not contesting in the ensuing election, so that we can avoid conflict of interest. At least 7 Directors of the present BOD are contesting, please make sure my plea would be heard by the Directors who don’t have any affiliation with the contesting panels. To uphold the dignity and respect of the TANA, it’s my earnest request to convene an extraordinary meeting to look into the merits of my case in the best interests of natural law and justice.While respect the authority of the BOD – I believe I have been unfairly treated and request for a full and comprehensive review by the BOD – where in I should be allowed to attend along with my legal counsel if necessary

Best Regards,
Bhakta Balla