TANA Artificial Intelligence BootCamp Enlightens Hundreds

TANA Artificial Intelligence BootCamp Enlightens Hundreds

Telugu Association of North America (TANA) in association with DeepSphere Conducted a two-day “Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bootcamp on AWS” on December 18th & 19th of 2021 that received a great response and appreciation from the TANA community. Around two hundred and fifty plus (250+) learners joined and learned from this two-day live session. The participants learned to develop enterprise grade machine learning models to solve real-world problems focusing on classification, regression, and clustering models. The participants learned both the custom development MLOPS approach and the AWS Sagemaker approach.

On December 18th at 9 AM PST, the event lead organizer, Ram Thota, TANA Regional Coordinator, Northern California, kicked off the event by welcoming all the participants to the boot camp followed by introducing the Organizing team (Ram Thota, Sateesh Vemuri, Karthik Perumal, Daya, Vamsi Vasireddy) and all other TANA Leadership. TANA President, Anjaiah Chowdhary Lavu inaugurated the First day of the boot camp. He recognized the bootcamp presenter Mr.Jothi for his service and congratulated the organizers of the event Ram Thota and the team for bringing this unique event to the TANA community. Tana Secretary, Sateesh Vemuri thanked Mr.Jothi & team and all the volunteers involved in planning this much needed TANA AI bootcamp.

Following that, Ram Thota invited Karthik to formally introduce Mr.Jothi, the Presenter of the bootcamp and his team member Durga Prasad that followed by Day 1’s hand’s on AI training session for almost 7 hours.There was a special guest Mr. Prasanna joined the session in the afternoon to present the industrial use cases of AI that received a great appreciation from all the attendees.

The second day of the event was kicked off with welcoming guests and all the participants. Ram Thota, TANA Regional Coordinator, Northern California welcomed TANA Executive Vice President, Niranjan Srungavarapu & BATA Advisor Vijaya Aasuri to inaugurate the Second Day session of the TANA AI Bootcamp.

Mr.Jothi before deep diving into DAY 2 classroom session, quickly shared his experiences with Telugu Community and Thanked TANA for the opportunity. The entire two-day event was Live streamed and hundreds of TANA members participated in this hands-on AI learning session. During the session participants learned the steps and process to build machine learning models for real-world problems on the AWS Sagemaker resources including: “Project” “Data Wrangler” “Feature Store” “Pipelines” “Experiments and Trails” “Model Registry” “Endpoints” “Compilation Jobs” “Inference Recommender Job” “Ground Truth” “Notebook”

This highly interactive session on both the days of the event witnessed a high volume of questionnaires on various topics covered during the session. Bootcamp attendees thanked DeepSphere & Mr.Jothi team for a great session and TANA for hosting such a wonderful event. They appreciated and specially thanked our TANA fabulous organizing team lead by Ram Thota for bringing this kind of wonder-full events that provide a great learning opportunity for TANA members and telugu community to empower themselves in their career advancement.

Ram Thota, TANA Regional Coordinator, Northern California on behalf of event organizers, thanked all the participants, volunteers, Bilhan Alapati, entire TANA Leadership, TANA Northern California Team, AIA Team, Virijallu for their extended support in making the event a grand success