“NATS”లో ఎన్నికల సందడి

“NATS”లో ఎన్నికల సందడి

అమెరికాలో ప్రముఖ తెలుగు సంఘం NATSలో ఎన్నికల సందడి ఆరంభమైంది. రానున్న రెండు సంవత్సరాల కాలానికి నూతన కార్యవర్గాన్ని ఎన్నుకోవడానికి సన్నాహాలు ప్రారంభమయ్యాయి. అధ్యక్షుడు, కార్యదర్శి, కోశాధికారి, ఉపాధ్యక్షులు, సహాయ కార్యదర్శులు, జోనల్ కోఆర్డినేటర్లు తదితర పదవులకు పోటీ చేసే వారి నుండి నామినేషన్లు స్వీకరించడానికి నోటిఫికేషన్ విడుదల అయ్యింది. ఆసక్తి కలిగిన అభ్యర్థులు తమ నామినేషన్ పత్రాలను మే 5వ తేదీ లోపుగా ఎన్నికల అథారిటీకి సమర్పించాలి. పూర్తి వివరాలకు NATS వెబ్ సైట్ ను సందర్శించండి.

Dear NATS Life Members,

North America Telugu Society is a non-profit national organization for Telugu people living in North America. NATS primary objective is to address the needs and concerns that affect the everyday lives of Telugu people living in North America. Service to the community is NATS Motto.

North America Telugu Society (NATS) is inviting applications from interested and eligible candidates to serve in NATS EC for two year term, 2022-2024.

* By being a leader in NATS, you can positively make a difference in the lives of thousands of people.
* Bring your original ideas and skills for betterment of others
* In return, you will have an opportunity to sharpen your management skills by interacting with so
many others with varied backgrounds.

Vice-President (Operations)
Vice-President (Finance/Marketing)
Vice-President (Services)
Vice-President (Programs)
Joint Secretary
Joint Treasurer

Eight (8) Zonal Vice Presidents (“ZVP”).
For Zonal Vice President (“ZVP”) position, eligible candidate must apply from respective
geographic zone. See below.

NE Zone: DE, PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA, ME, VT, NH
MID East Zone: MD, DC, VA, WV, NC, TN
SE Zone: SC, GA, FL, AL, MS
SC Zone: TX, LA, AR, OK, NM
MID Central Zone: KS, MO, KY, NE, IA, IL
NW Zone: WA, OR, MT, WY, ID, SD, ND, AK
SW Zone: CA, NV, AZ, UT, CO, HI

Eight (8) National Coordinators:
National Coordinator (Helpline and fund raising)
National Coordinator (Media Relations and Social Media)
National Coordinator (Programs)
National Coordinator (Marketing)
National Coordinator (Membership)
National Coordinator (Women Empowerment)
National Coordinator (Sports)
National Coordinator (India Liaison)
Each position has specific duties and responsibilities as per NATS bylaws.

2. Applying for positions:
Any eligible NATS life member can apply for NATS EC position by sending application
form via email to EC selection committee.

* Must believe strongly in NATS service motto and ideology;
* Should have integrity and moral responsibility, experience in policy-making level,
work as a team player, with ability to work constructively with other members of the
Board and EC;
* Availability of time to do justice to duties as an EC Member and willingness to devote
the time required;
* Should have reputations, both personal and professional, consistent with the image
and reputation of NATS;
* Must be a good standing life member of NATS
* Must have served in NATS EC or NATS Board and contributed to growth of NATS
consistently for 4 years preceding his/her appointment (FOR PRESIDENT)
* Must have served NATS and contributed to growth of NATS consistently for 2 years
preceding his/her appointment (EXCEPT FOR PRESIDENT)

Interested candidates must request application form by sending email

* Along with completed, signed applications, candidates can also attach their profile
showcasing their personal and community service accomplishments.
* Application needs to be signed by the candidate.

4. Criteria for Selection:
“Community service mainly to Telugus in North America and willingness to spend
considerable time for NATS activities” will be the main criteria for the appointment of the
officers of the Executive Committee. Since the Selection Committee will evaluate based
on the following, it is advised to cover all these aspects in their application.

* Candidate’s direct contribution to NATS, with specific examples
* Candidate’s leadership skills, particularly ability to work in team, listening skills,
ability to respect and entertain different aspects of issues, and attitude towards
other members of the leadership
* Candidate’s nature of dealing with other organizations, non-political and fair and
inclusive behavior
* Candidates short term and long-term vision for NATS; please list specifics.
* Candidate’s background and community leadership
* Candidate’s background as it relates to their past relations with the community and
* The Selection committee shall consider the eligibility criteria specified in bylaws for
making any recommendations of Executive Committee members to the NATS Board.

5. Timeline:
* Signed nominations must be emailed to
* All applications must be submitted by Midnight PST, Thursday 5th May 2022.
* EC Selection committee submits recommendation to NATS Board by 15th May 2022.

Please reach out to selection committee for clarifications and Application form.

Good for community, Good for yourselves,
Best Wishes,
NATS EC 2022-2024 Selection Committee
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